Teacher for Qur’an School

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Ha Meem Foundation Published: 4 October 2019
London, United Kingdom
Job Type
How to Apply
Send CV to school@hameem.org
Compensation Range
Competitive (Depending on Skills & Experience)
Listed on Job Description (pdf)


Post Title

Teacher for Qur’an School (Evenings)


Negotiable (Dependent on Experience)


Up to 6 hours per week




Reporting To

Managing Director

Accountable For

Teaching Assistant / Volunteer

Principal Contacts

Administration Officer / Parents


Ha Meem School is a subsidiary of Ha Meem Foundation (HMF).

Ha Meem School primarily focuses on developing and nurturing children into righteous, upright and responsible Muslims.

One of the ways it establishes this is through primarily teaching Quran, Tajweed and Hifz using interactive classroom learning principles taught by qualified teachers.

Our dedicated staff – working in partnership with parents - are committed to nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.


  • Understand the aim of Ha Meem School and work towards this goal
  • To teach students aged 4-13 to read the Qa’idah/Qur’an with correct pronunciation
  • To teach students the memorisation of Surahs and Duas


  • Prepare a lesson plan (where required) in advance for the delivery of classes
  • Deliver classes in accordance to the curriculum utilising a variety of teaching methods
  • Evaluate each student and create teaching strategies based on the individual's pace


  • Track and manage student progression in accordance to management targets
  • Maintain student records, including attendance registers, progress reports and financial


  • Ensure equipment and teaching resources are cleaned and stored after use, and that

    classrooms are left at the end of the day tidy and ready for use at the start of the next school


  • Maintain classroom control & safety management (students must not be left unsupervised

    under any circumstance)

  • Promoting the general progress and wellbeing of individual pupils.
  • Ensure that school policies relating to, for example, uniform, discipline and so on are

    adhered to.

  • Full participation at teachers review meetings to discuss progress and identify issues that

    require wider discussion.

  • Full participation in one-to-one and supervision meetings and any other meeting that may

    be deemed to be necessary as required by the post.

  • Organise meetings with parents to discuss individual student progress and support

    requirements Other Duties

  • Maintain excellent relationship with children, parents and staff
  • Encourage and inspire the students to love the Qur'an

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