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Al Fatiha School Published: 30 November 2017
Job Type
How to Apply
Safeguarding Children Paediatric First Aid level 3 childcare qualification or above


Reports to:

  • General Management

Responsible for:

  • Deputy Manager
  • 3rd In Charge / Supervisors
  • Nursery Practitioners
  • Level 2 and Unqualified Workers
  • Volunteers

Purpose of Job

The Nursery Manager will be expected to provide high quality, flexible childcare for families from the local communities.

The Nursery Manager will oversee the operation of the day nursery to the highest standards, ensuring that the best possible environment and care are provided for young children.

Main Responsibilities

  • To be responsible for and to oversee the day to day management, staffing, organisation and smooth running of the Nursery.
  • To develop the ethos of For Under Fives and to create a welcoming and family friendly environment.
  • To be a member of the management team and to contribute to the strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation and development of the Nursery.
  • To be responsible at all times for high standards of care and education of children between 0 to five years in accordance with statutory requirements.
  • To ensure the EYFS is promoted and delivered within the setting and the principles adhered to.
  • To ensure effective communication between the Day Care staff and with all partner organisations.
  • To order and maintain equipment and resources in the Nursery
  • To be accountable and responsible for day to day financial systems directly relating to the Day Nursery provision.
  • To be responsible for admissions in line with the admissions policy agreed by the management team at Head Office.
  • To keep a register and up to date records of all children using the Day Care provision and to give regular feedback to parents about their child’s development and progress.
  • To be responsible for organising training and monitoring students in the Day Care provision.

Supervision / Management of People

The post holder will be responsible for management, supervision and appraisal of the following staff

  • Deputy Manager
  • Supervisors
  • Nursery Assistants
  • Level 2/3 Workers
  • Unqualified / Level 1/2 Workers

The Nursery Manager will identify staff training needs and facilitate training opportunities.

From time to time there may be a requirement to manage the work of staff who are appointed for supply work or to provide supervision for students on placement.

Creativity and Innovation

  • The Nursery Manager will have a key role in planning and monitoring of the nursery and implementing essential policies and procedures. This will require creative thought together with an informed understanding of statutory requirements and best practice for childcare.
  • The Nursery Manager must work to Nursery policies about Keeping Children Safe, Equal Opportunities, Data Protection and Confidentiality.
  • The Nursery Manager will need to understand and implement For Under Fives policies and procedures (for example for Health and Safety) in relation to staff, buildings and resources.

Contacts and Relationships

Working relationships will include the following:


  • General Manager/s
  • All staff employed for the day care provision
  • Children


  • Ofsted
  • Parents and families
  • Staff from a wide range of other agencies and settings including the Social Services, Primary Care Trust, NHS Trust, Surestart and a range of voluntary /private sector organisations and Day Care providers.

The Nursery Manager will be expected to build good working relationships at every level. Working in partnership with parents and families is highly valued and the Nursery Manager must be approachable, friendly and able to communicate effectively at all times.

At all times the Nursery Manager will be expected to respect the confidentiality of sensitive family information (subject to child protection policies and procedures).



  • The Nursery Manager will work closely with the General Manager and other members of the management team. Information and guidance will be readily available; however, the Nursery Manager will be expected to work autonomously in relation to the day to day management of Nursery. The role requires the confidence to make day to day decisions thoughtfully and with a high degree of sensitivity to the needs of children and families.
  • The Nursery Manager will be expected to make recommendations and proposals about service developments and changes, but not to make decisions about substantive changes to the Nursery.


  • Decisions made by the Nursery Manager will directly impact on the day to day quality, availability and flexibility of Day Care for children and families.
  • The Nursery Manager will exercise discretion about which families may receive a service (in line with the Admissions Policy), and will be expected to interpret policies and procedures thoughtfully, consistently and tactfully.


  • The Nursery Manager will have day to day responsibility for the planning of Day Care in the Nursery and for the use of other resources. Also for ensuring that the daycare provision is clean, safe and welcoming for families and staff.
  • The Nursery will be an authorised signatory for orders and staff timesheets to an agreed level of delegation.
  • The Nursery Manager will be a key holder for the Nursery.

Daily Tasks

  • Supervisory – ensure all staff are completing tasks laid out to them
  • Updating and working through Self-Evaluation Form
  • Constantly assessing and evaluating the setting, thinking of improvement areas and implementing them
  • Ensure cleaning is done
  • Ensure checklists are complete
  • Ensure children are effectively safeguarded
  • Ensure room is set up and changed regularly throughout the day
  • Ensure routine is being followed
  • Undertake certain domestic duties within the Nursery, i.e, preparation of snacks, cleansing of equipment, changing of nappies

Weekly Tasks

  • Observations on key children
  • Review staff’s observations ensuring they are of a good quality and have been completed
  • Weekly (Bi-weekly) room/ nursery meetings, minutes must be taken and filed
  • Staff shifts
  • Complete/ check weekly planning
  • Check and make sure rotas (cleaning etc) are completed
  • To check when parents have paid
  • Ensure weekly room meetings have been undertaken

Monthly Tasks

  • Review staff’s next steps ensuring they have been completed
  • Complete next steps for key children
  • Check nursery equipment looking for replacements
  • Identify staff training needs and facilitate training opportunities
  • Arrange peer on peer reviews (can be done termly)
  • Safety Checks, review nursery accidents and safety checklists to identify areas of concerns (can be done termly)
  • Organise Management meetings with room leaders and other managers at nearby Little Blessings. Notes should be taken and given to general managers
  • Implement changes with regards to improving safety

Termly Tasks

  • Arrange parents review weeks
  • Check and review staffs termly reports of children
  • Arrange staff supervisions and appraisals
  • Create an overview of where the children are in terms of development using EYFS group tracking and group evaluation and other relevant documents (an average of how many children are above or below the development bracket in the prime and specific areas of development)
  • Assist room staff with their termly reports, ensuring they are an accurate reflection of the children
  • Review policy and procedures and ensure they are in line with the EYFS and Ofsted guidelines
  • Check staff’s training ensuring they are relevant and up-to-date
  • Plan marketing campaigns e.g. fun days, leaflet hand-outs, school trips
  • Complete a safeguarding audit
  • Update emergency contact information

Other Tasks

  • Send welcome packs to new parents (see welcome pack guidelines)
  • Hiring of new staff
  • Creation of cleaning rota
  • Recording accidents and implementing measures to prevent them from reoccurring
  • Book staff on training
  • Contacting prospective parents
  • Recording accidents and implementing measures to prevent them from reoccurring
  • Staff inductions
  • To be responsible for low staff turnover
  • To be responsible for the retention and obtainment of children
  • Show-arounds
  • Settling in of new children, creating folder and ensuring parents fill in their required information

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Competitive according to experience

Job Location:

  • Croydon CR0

Required licences or certifications:

  • Safeguarding Children
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • level 3 childcare qualification or above

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