Ks1 teacher/ Ks2 teacher – part time/full time

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Jamiah Madaniyah Primary School Published: 29 November 2017
Job Type
How to Apply
email: muhammadhanif2@yahoo.co.uk
Compensation Range
Travel charge
Degree, Islamic theology, GCSE A* - C, unqualified post available.


We are looking for a person:

  • who enjoys being with children
  • supports the aims and ethos of the school
  • who will be an excellent role model for our children
  • who demonstrates and appreciates professionalism in their own conduct
  • who understands the importance and impact of having a great teacher
  • Have the highest expectations for their own learning and of children

    Has an open, positive attitude and values team work

  • ¬†who has experience of working with children as a class teacher and holds relevant qualifications (alternatively can demonstrate from their education their capacity to learn very quickly)

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