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Cannon Hill Girls' School Published: 28 August 2019
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Job Type
How to Apply
email admin@cannonhillgls.org.uk
Compensation Range
QTS/ PGCE (Experienced non-qualified teachers will be considered)


This is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic, passionate teacher of English to join a forward-thinking and innovative team in this newly established school.

We know that helping shape students’ lives and turning aspirations to reality have rewards that include, but transcend academic excellence.

Our vision is simply to develop Confident young women, inspiring and influential by focusing on Achievement and Tarbiyah within a framework of Compassion and Collaboration. We at Cannon Hill know the importance of working together to achieve success and excellence for all.

At Cannon Hill Girls’ School, students experience a stimulating, challenging and supportive learning journey through their secondary and post-secondary years. Staff and parents work hard together to create a caring and mutually respectful ethos.

Small class sizes, outstanding student behaviour and an extremely supporting leadership and management team ensure that all our teachers enjoy working here.

Our aspirations and aims for the school are to provide the students at Cannon Hill an excellent education – not just a formal one, but one which reflects their Islamic heritage and legacy and develops harmoniously their identity as responsible citizens. We want them to come to school inspired and leave school better prepared for life as British Muslimahs ; to feel empowered and knowledgeable; to go on to make positive decisions for their futures and in the words of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, be a “. . .benefit to the rest of mankind.”

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