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Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation is a charitable trust which runs 2 Primary Schools and 2 Nurseries located in North London and Slough. We also provide a unique Teacher Training programme.

Islam has defined the goal of education to be the development of Shakhsiyah Islamiyah, (the Islamic Character).

This is our goal, our work and our ethos. Over the past 10 years we have been working on and developing a 'Holistic Islamic Educational' framework to achieve this - The Shakhsiyah Model. We have also developed an extensive teacher education programme exploring Islamic philosophy of education and synthesizing classical Islamic pedagogy with modern techniques.

There are seven main elements to the Shakhsiyah Framework

A Human-Scale School
The Daily Halaqah
An Integrated Creative Curriculum
A Bilingual School
The Muslim Teacher
A Love of Learning
Assessment for the Learner

Our intention is that this model is able to produce persevering Islamic personalities for the challenges facing us living here in Britain in the 21st century.

Our approach is that the educational framework is derived from Islamic sources as opposed to adding Islam into existing education systems. It was with this approach that Muslims at the time of the great Islamic civilization were able to make immense achievements and advancements.

We seek to work with all members of the Muslim and wider communities who share our goals. We welcome you to contact us and participate in or make a donation towards this work.

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